Just want to share

12 07 2010

Matt went to 42 countries for achieving  his aim of dancing with different country around the world.

Is that seem incredible, isn’t it?

Please take a look, after that tell me which country do you want to dance with?


Very first new of July

8 07 2010

I’d like to reccomend this website to you www.cubeez.com This site is suited for everyone: students, teachers, parents and a person who want to have fun with English.  It’s easy to play with English interaction.  You can practice vocabulary, create a story, make various kind of activity or playing a game.

This site requires  Flash 5, it already has a link for you to download. Let’s play and have fun.

Welcome everyone to nokyoongja’s blog

30 06 2010

Hi everyone, I’m happy to have you here.  Hope you enjoy my blog.  This blog is about Learning and Teaching English. I’m a writer of this blog who is a new generation x (Oh! Is that true?). Actually, I’m quite new and just about to keep in touch with ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)  into my profession.

Every month, I will launch my suggestion website as a new entry.

P.S. For my note to everyone, I want to create English environment to my students. If you can leave a message in English, I’m encourage you to do so.  I don’t mind  about grammar, even you can type Thai with English.  So, we can  still communicate.:-